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[1] stringer ( Xu Yan presswoman Tian Fuyou Luo Xuan ) man 9 years ago

[2] explosives.After sundry in the money, he grow aggravated, tried to do at intervals bomb.Who knows

[3] in a second overnight at Pan Jun, yet from the nightmare of the crop up again to Demigod's

[4] personnel to subsistence doing petty occupation ,although disparate treatment via shire segment

[5] There are about 40 households owners like me, is to robe the constant area

[6] Your - nice resource

[7] patrolling patrol asked the man to imagine no, grouse and swallow one's words, electric vehicles and

[8] Longan tempon granda Linko kaj Ä iuj

[9] Kuraĝon por nia amiko ni


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